Ignite – 30 Day 1:1 Program

Discover the truth about what is holding you back and slowing you down from being extraordinary.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you worry about what other people think?
  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Do you feel not good enough?
  • Do you feel like a fraud?
  • Do you feel stuck and feel you can’t.

Meet your subconscious detective…..during 30 days with me you will gain understanding and become consciously aware of childhood emotions that are driving your behaviour as an adult.

Together we eliminate the core beliefs that are holding you back, get you unstuck and into a positive mindset, a place of action and doing.

Is it time for a service?

At one point or another we will all take our car for a service before it gets rusty and breaks down. But have you ever thought about servicing your mind?

I call this program Ignite because it is step one to getting the fire started in you, just like an oil and filter change on your car, we get the car moving before it breaks down and runs out of life.

This is a perfect fit for you, if you have something specific to address, like presenting/public speaking, going back to work after maternity, starting a new job, an upcoming competition, insomnia.

Read here this case study about Suzanne who overcame the anxiety of presenting at a new job during my 30 day program.

What does the package include:

  • 40 min Clarity Coaching Call
  • 2hr RTT appointment
  • 1 Personalised audio recording
  • 1hr Hypno Coaching
  • 1 Relaxation recording
  • Email Support for 30 days