Living what appears to others as the picture perfect life?

BUT inside you are breaking at the seams?

Therapy is not working. You feel STUCK!


You are starting to think…

“change is not possible” ….“this is just who I am?”

Psst…Are you ready for a Plot Twist?

Someone forgot to tell you, that you missed a step!

Subconscious understanding is Step 1 to change! 

 To the outside world your life LOOKS PICTURE PERFECT

And you “HAVE IT ALL”


A successful career
The family & home you always wanted

money, travel, you are living the dream

And YET….

You feel lonely
You feel you can’t complain
You feel judged
And so you suffer alone, stick your head in the sand,

keeping up the pretence and hiding behind a mask 


The worst thing….you feel you are not allowed to complain!

People may think they know you, but I see you!

You have the act down to….

Confidently dressed, always smiling and fun to be around.

A great career.

The go to person to listen and solve a problem!

Holidays and a life that others would envy.

You get shit done!

Lucky in life, you appear to have it all.

But inside you are struggling…


You feel stuck – change doesn’t feel possible, therapies dont work for you!


Now deeply demotivated, because nothing works! No longer the confident happy go lucky self. 


You dont feel good enough, anxious and ruminating about life.


Unfulfilled in your career, you don’t feel fun or interesting.


The cracks are starting to show, you are physically unwell more often. Life feels outside your control.


You feel guilty for complaining, because you should be grateful.

Psst….In today’s world female empowerment can sometimes come at the expense of female wellbeing!

The same women that are creating and influencing the world we live in,

are often the same women who are struggling behind the scenes.

Projecting the glossy highlight reel to the outside world, they have nowhere to turn for support as everyone thinks they have their shit together!

….and, you know, ”first world problems”


Who are you to complain … “you have it all!”!

But inside you are struggling,

thinking “this is just how I was made”

Can you relate?

Emma's Transformation ...

“From our first session I havent had one pain. It was a life change for me. What I discovered was a lot more that what I was feeling on the surface”

I’m Sinéad and I get it, because I have been there.
I too wanted to reset and start again, because my life felt out of control!

To everyone else I looked like I had the picture perfect life.

In my 30s I had a great corporate career, work trips to Dubai, Fabulous holidays, beautiful kids and a loving husband to enjoy them with.

Let’s just say, I now have enough designer bags, shoes and jewellery to last me a life time!

I looked like I had it all together.

I felt like I “should” be happy.

But the truth is I wasn’t. I was lonely, unfulfilled. Most days I was overwhelmed with emotion, making rash decisions, where one bad choice sucked me into a spiral of despair and anxiety and overwhelm, living life in survival mode, unsure of a way out.

I thought change for me was not possible.

I no longer recognised myself. I was in hole, unsure of myself. What had become of me. I was not sure how to change, because the counselling, CBT, coaching was not working.

I felt completely stuck. In these moments, everything I ever believed about myself multiplied, from not capable, not good enough, concerned about the judgement of others. I truly believed this is just how I am made.
It was clear that the perfect life I had been building was starting to unravel and fall to pieces.

It was being at rock bottom where life changed. It forced me to wake up and be present to the 2 children that deserved to have a Mum. In those dark days my 2 children and husband are what kept me going. Everyday when my mood was low, they loved me unconditionally, love that I didn’t feel I deserved. But they did deserve my love and they did deserve a happy life with me in it.

Making that choice to be in this life and not fall victim to my mistakes was when I took my power back.

Meet Lucia...

I gave up the need to control. I feel empowered and happier. I have more quality time to spend with my kids.”

I realised the ladder I was climbing was up against the wrong wall. It was clear I had 2 choices in front of me – to hit the delete button or to hit RESET

Now …

I see life through a different lens and with so much clarity. I realised that the success I had built was based on outdated beliefs, feeling not good enough and different. I now know that the story I had been telling myself was a lie and that there is a different way where I have choices and I get to be successful, have great things in life, AND be happy.

Now this is what I help others to do. To hold space for the successful yet struggling women in society, who’s needs are so rarely met and understood and that don’t feel worthy of support.

I am on a mission to change this story for women like you!

I know with this powerful work that you can too.
And it is not just you that will change, it will have a ripple effect on all those around you.

Meet Sinead....

“I can manage my nerves, i don’t keep myself small anymore. I express myself. My ruminating and worrying has shifted”

Ready to for a Plot Twist?

Discover the deep hidden truths of your subconscious thoughts.

Like an invisible anchor holding you back and keeping you stuck!


A power house for updating hidden outdated subconsious beliefs, that you didnt even know existed!

A programme that starts with a foundation in subsconsious undertanding. Giving you your power back to take control,  press reset and become the creator of your most vibrant life.

This is for women who want to take control, own their regrets and mistakes in life and let it be the making of you!

How would it feel to …

Realise this is “not just how I am made” and that change is available to you!

Become more present and self aware.

Wake up calm, centred. Having the resources to come back to yourself when life goes to pot!

Put yourself first and live by your values and saying “NO” more.

Trust yourself and your decisions, leading with intuition. Living inspired and fulfilled every day.

Break the cycle of behaviour (no more being just like your mum or father!) and to see the behaviour of those around you positively change too…including your dog!

To take life less seriously and experience the joy and craic in life! (Irish for fun!)

Angie's Transformation ...

“It was like dark glasses being unfogged and a whole set of life decisions opened up to me and they felt approachable. I know my worth and I have the confidence to step into this.”

Your movie hasn’t ended, the book isn’t over and you are holding the pen.

How would it feel to put in a plot twist?

It’s time to take your head out of the sand….


The Radical Reset

Inside my intimate 3 month program, I guide you though my proven 4 step process  (that works!) you will effortlessly untie the outdated story you have been living by.

You will set strong foundations so you can become the creator of your life. 

Get aligned to your values!

Confidently embrace the courage to remove the mask you have been hiding behind!

Shine a light on the amazing, real you!

You are resilient. You have done hard stuff before, So I know you can do it again!

Polly Bagley...

“I am lot more confident, all the block just literally went away, my productivity has gone up. My self believe has gone through the roof. It can change your life in so many ways”


Over 3 months I will teach you many powerful techniques and resources to heal generational and conditioned subconscious patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

I will give you the tools to press DELETE on what’s keeping you stuck! Press RESET and see and experience life through a different lens and so you can start living!

WHAT IS INCLUDED (valued at €4400!):

12 x Group Community Calls (worth €600)

Deepen your insight with bi-weekly hands on coaching, teachings, support & guidance.

An online resource portal (worth €1000)

Life time access to easy consumable and bite size online trainings and resources to assist you in working with the theme of the week.

Specialised Audios (worth €1750)

BELIEF SHIFTING REGRESSION X4 €800 total – DISCOVER YOUR INNER PARTS €200 – RETURNING TO INNOCENSE €150 – Looping Thoughts & Tagging €200. Command Cell Therapy €200. Healing Vortex €200

A free private Facebook group

Life time access to a supportive community where I will be available to guide you, answer questions and share teachings. Never feel alone again!

BONUS 1:1 WhatsApp Support & Accountability (€600)

We all know life can get in the way. I will be there and avalable to keep you accountable and commited on this journey.

BONUS Monthly Masterclasses (worth €250)

Each month we will have a guest wellness speaker covering topics such as meditation, female health, nutrition, movement and more!

BONUS Discounted 1:1 (Savings of up to €200 per session)

Elevating your experience and bring deeper insight, awareness and transformation. 2.5hr RTT session with me + a personalised recording at a special 35% discount member rate.

Reduced from €2,222 to €1,111

Pay in Full

Todays Price –  €1,111

Pay in Instalments

Pay in 3 installments €390

 * * * Discount Code available for existing clients – Please email for more details * * * 

So you are at that fork in the road. What do you do?

Carry on the same path, with your head stuck in the sand


Change path and be the instigator of the change you desire

Before you decide on the path to take you might be thinking…..

What if it doesn’t work for me? Nothing else has?

Are you like Moya who said before her journey with me, “I have read the books, listened to the podcasts, done talk therapy and I am still anxious”

I get it! Because I once felt the same. I like Moya was desperate and losing hope.

So why is working with me different?

It IS DIFFERENT because I follow a 4 step sequential process thats is rooted in subconsious understanding.

And because it’s a process (no step missed!)

AND its subconscious, it works!

Spoiler Alert….!! This is not a Coaching program!

The understanding you will get will get you REAL lasting results!

Ask yourself, what’s it costing you to stay where you are?

Your physical health? 

Your career?

Your relationship?

Your mental health?


What is the alternative to where you are now?

Does that alternative work for you?

If you are stuck thinking you are the problem (because nothing has worked!) Psst….it’s not you! It’s just how you were wired!
And you have the power to change that!

It’s time to RESET. Stop wasting years of your life worrying and holding yourself back and not allowing yourself to be happy.

Moya freed herself from Physical Pain...

“This got to the root of it all. I am calmer empowered and so positive. I don’t catastrophising anymore. I haven’t been to the doctor in weeks. The mind is so powerful it can create symptoms to let you know there is something not right”

You have one life to live!

Let me show you how to live it being the REAL You.

Are you ready to Reset

Click here to join!