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Client Stories

"To my absolute delight it worked!"

Vanessa | Self Love

Having done some research I decided to try RTT after many years of various therapy’s. I was hoping it would work and to my absolute delight it did! Sinead is very knowledgeable and caring and gives great pre and post support. I cannot recommend Sinead and RTT enough.

"Living a happier & healthier life"

Michelle | Abundance

I found the whole process fascinating. The  session is very calming and helped me support living a happier and healthier life. I not only really enjoyed the process of the session but  the recording afterwards. RTT has really helped in my self-development. Sinead is extremely relaxing within the session especially as this was all new to me. Her follow up and dedication to her clients is clear in how she works with you individually.

"My experience with RTT was a great one! "

Debbie | Perfectionism

My experience with RTT was a great one! It helped me look deep inside. It was amazing how significant incidents in childhood were for me and linked to my issue. I am now being kinder to myself, talking to myself more kindly and forgiving myself for what I’ve thought, done and said in the past. I would highly recommend RTT. If there are incidents that affect you living your life happily or contently or if there are behaviours you can’t control and don’t understand why you feel that way, then Sinead will help you find the explanation and help you change your behaviours for a more peaceful life.

"Very powerful"

Andrew | Relationships

Sinead enabled me to feel that I was in a safe and settled therapy environment.  I felt that I could trust her with my issues. Sinead listened to me and I felt that she understood what I was saying and that she treated me with respect and without judgement. Sinead’s session was very powerful for me.  I found the transformational recording that Sinead made for me very helpful in the following weeks. I felt very confident in Sinead’s ability to lead me through the whole process and I would highly recommend Sinead as an RTT therapist.

"A deep feeling of inner contentment"

Roisin | Work Stress

I came with  a deep curiosity about how RTT could help me during a particular period of stress in my life. Sinead supported me in making sense of so much and I left the session with a deep feeling of inner contentment and self acceptance. Over the following weeks I noticed how the levels of inner contentment continued to develop. Sinead has a lovely way of making you feel at ease, of instilling a sense of trust, and in supporting you through a personal journey and transformation.

"My anxiety has decreased massively - really amazed!"

Sinéad | Parental Anxiety

What a great RTT session with Sinead! She explained it really well and made me feel at ease and relaxed right from the beginning. I am now enjoying better sleep and my anxiety has decreased massively – really amazed at my results!

"A boost in my confidence"

Rose | Teen Confidence

I have been able to overcome my anxiety and now feel so much more confident and positive. After only one session with Sinead, I immediately began to feel a boost in my confidence and it only continues to increase more and more each day. I have found it has drastically improved my sleep, as well as enabling me to become more emotionally stable. My session with Sinead was truly transformational as I have found contentment and a new confidence in my life.

"I feel like a super power"

Sabrina | Anxiety

I feel like a super power. I feel calmer. I’m not overwhelmed, it feels amazing. I’m cooking without the overwhelm. I stopped biting my nail. I now speak fluidly in work and with strangers as I’m’ sure of myself.

"Powerful uplifting changes"

Fleur | Work Anxiety

I really cannot recommend Sinead more highly. I am honestly blown away.  I was feeling so overwhelmed on how to deal with everything. Almost in a day I noticed some really powerful uplifting changes and I quickly felt much stronger to deal with all the situations facing me. It’s incredible how very deep routed issues can come to the surface, and once addressed it’s the best pathway to happiness and healing that can really change your life and totally improve your wellbeing.

"I really feel like a new person"

Suzanne | Work Anxiety

Sinead is a true master of her craft. I had just started a new job and was suffering really badly from anxiety and low self esteem and I needed to get control of it as it was causing me great stress. Sinead knew exactly what questions to ask me to get to the root cause and the treatment she created for me really worked. It’s 4 months later and I really feel like a new person.

"I am Happier now that I can express what I want to say"

Aisling | Finding the Confidence to speak

I was the person who was always doubting herself and couldn’t express myself to others how I felt, fear of the reaction I would receive from others. Together in the session we uncovered the root cause. I am Happier now that I can express what I want to say. I found my voice and I now feel motivated with the decisions I make for myself. Listening to Sinead Voice for 21 days was great, her message was powerful.

"It is a simple and deep approach to change for the better"

NA | Feeling Enough

Sinead is a beautiful mind and soul, and she was the reason for my enthusiasm for the experience. RTT opened my soul for life and its beauty, made me love for myself and this is what I was looking for. I now see life as a window of opportunity in everything. And most importantly, I became kind to myself and others. I recommend RTT because it’s a simple and deep approach to change for the better.

"Sinead won’t let you down…..What an amazing experience!"

EF | Feeling Enough

I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Sinead & RTT. She made me feel so relaxed and at ease throughout this whole process. For anyone who’s looking to make major life improvements Sinead won’t let you down. I uncovered things that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you sinead for your kindness and professionalism! What an amazing experience!

"My sleep has improved, my confidence has increased"

Trisha | Confidence

My session with Sinead was a very positive experience. Her caring and sensitive nature made me feel very comfortable and I am already feeling the benefits. My sleep has improved, my confidence has increased and my overall well being has improved. Sinead is very attentive to her clients needs both pre and post session.

"A great investment"

Carolyn | Confidence with Money

RTT has given me clarity and understanding from my childhood where I formed beliefs. I would highly recommend RTT, everyone can benefit from RTT. RTT changes people’s lives. It really is a great investment and you have nothing to lose. Sinead explains everything so well and made me feel relaxed and really held my hand through this transformational journey.

"I would highly recommend RTT"

Suzanne | Confidence

I have to say I found the process very helpful, especially how it gets to he route of things without having to attend continuously. From the beginning I enjoyed the process and was comfortable throughout. The recording for 21 days was very helpful and I enjoyed listening to it and found it very relaxing. It’s very positive and i would highly recommend RTT to anyone to overcome self confidence issues that are holding you back. Sinead herself was very understanding and helped the whole process.

"My life now is very different"

Loraine | Confidence

Sinead is an amazing empath. After just one session my life now is very different. I face each day feeling an inner confidence and security in myself. I am very present when in company now and resonate a positive energy and a feeling of being whole and belonging. I now feel free to express love and accept it in return and trust it. The greatest acknowledgement of change came from my dog , an 11 yr old Alaskan Malamute. He responded almost instantly to the change in me and is so calm around me and attentive and to a noticeable degree. If anyone out there is standing on the side-line wondering, I say, jump in with both feet. You will be in excellent hands.

"Life changing. An awakening"

Jane | Confidence to set boundaries

I was feeling that I had come to a sticking point in my life and I knew that certain beliefs that I held were holding me back. Sinead put me totally at ease during the session and I have loved listening to my beautiful recording over the 21 days. I can honestly say the experience has been life changing for me and I would describe it as a kind of awakening. I have come to realise that previously I was struggling at times to set boundaries in my life and I now know that this was setting me up for disappointment and frustration. I understand now that it all starts with ourselves. I would highly recommend Sinead to anyone who is struggling or just feeling that bit out of sync.

"I felt like a weight had been lifted"

Leah | Teen Confidence

RTT has been an amazing experience. From the very first minute I met Sinead, I felt at ease.  After the session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and have felt the same way since. Sinead has stayed in contact with me since my session with lovely messages which has been very comforting. My family and friends at school have noticed how happy I have become since I started the recording. I would highly recommend RTT to others.

"A feeling I don’t believe I ever remember feeling"

Georgina | Confidence

I am so pleased with the results and the overall experience. Sinead is an amazing therapist and instantly made me feel relaxed and safe during the session.  Immediately after our RTT session I felt an enormous sense of relief and lightness. Since then listening to my personalised recording I feel a contentment and confidence I don’t believe I ever remember feeling. I am instantly noticing results and progress in my life. Not to mention sleeping better than I have in years. I cannot recommend RTT with Sinead at The Happy Me highly enough!


Client Stories

"I am now able to rationlise and move forward"

Jen | Motivation

I was a little sceptical that RTT would be beneficial to me. I felt stuck in a rut and not sure of how to make changes to my life. After just one session I was able to understand where my frustrations and lack of motivation was coming from. I am now able to rationalize and move forward. The session itself was very relaxing and Sinead explained fully. I was surprised how easily I was able to relax into the process. I believe the RTT process has brought me a new perspective. I would not hesitate to recommend RTT and Sinead.

"I was told I looked liberated"

Lisa | Motivation

I was struggling with motivation to do the things that were important to me. Things I knew that would help me physically. Together Sinéad helped me to do find my motivation to achieve my goal, despite it not being something I enjoy. Now, the more I do it, the more I see it makes a difference and then the more I want to do it. It’s becoming a habit and a new normal. It’s no longer a big deal. Not only have I have achieved a new inner motivation, my relationships with my family have improved. A few weeks after the session I was told I looked liberated. It made me feel vindicated and confirmed that doing RTT with Sinéad was the right thing to do.

"Within 3 weeks I have found my passion"

Elaine | Finding Purpose

My sole intention from my session with Sinead was too unleash my true potential and remove blocks I had created over the years from childhood misconceptions. Within three weeks, I have found my passion, go full time on my own business , and I have a finish date for my current employment. I feel truly blessed to have met Sinead, she is a wonderful therapist and I really can’t thank her enough for being the catalyst to my personal growth. Thank you Sinead.

"Evidence pretty quickly as new energy unfolds"

Siobhan | Life’s Purpose

I worked on getting clarity on old beliefs that were standing in the way of bringing what I want into manifestation. The RTT session worked really well to unearth what was at the centre of unhelpful beliefs. It felt really cathartic to understand my young perspective and to work to replace limiting thoughts and feelings with positive new ones. I saw little pieces of evidence pretty quickly that shifts had happened. I’m looking forward to experiencing more results as this new energy unfolds over time. Sinead is extremely caring and attentive and firmly believes we can all break through what holds us back, simply and comfortably. This faith is very reassuring in committing to her hypnosis.

Happy Health

Client Stories

"One session to stop smoking"

Ghassan | Smoking

I am a chain smoker and wanted to stop it. Sinead is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable of the whole program which required from her a one session for me to stop smoking. I used to smoke on average about 40 cigarettes a day. In the last three months I have not spoked a single on. I tried several ways and methods to stop smoking and nothing worked for me like RTT.

"RTT did its little miracle and I felt so amazing"

AM | Stomach Pain

I heard about RRT therapy on internet something was telling me to go for it. Sinead’s voice is so calm. It made me feel safe and with no hesitation to say YES. Sinead made me feel completely at ease. The session is unique and the outcomes so revealing. Following that session, I received an amazing recording to listen for 21 days which helped me releasing blockages from present/ past experiences to give me a certain inner peace. Surprisingly weeks later, i actually took conscious that RTT did its little miracle and I felt so amazing, free and gradually built up some trust to finally let go and started enjoying walks again. I now walk every day without pain. I can’t thank her enough.

"I don't grind my teeth anymore"

Violeta | Teeth Grinding

Sinead is such an inspiring and wonderful therapist. She is the best she can be. I had an issue with teeth grinding. Sinead is very intuitive and calm and tapping back to the root of that issue I realized that the beliefs I had as a child were the reason that I was grinding my teeth. I found out that I was clenching my jaw for stopping me to express myself just because I didn’t want to get in trouble. I listen to the transformation recording I was given by Sinead every day and it really makes difference, I don’t grind my teeth anymore. Keep doing what you love, you are good at changing people’s lives!

"I felt a real change"

Emma | Weight

I was feeling a bit stuck in my life and also unhappy with my weight, with no motivation to do anything to about it.  I was keen to try RTT after reading a bit about it.  Sinead was very warm and easy to talk to, and really listens to get to the core of the issue.  The session is very thorough, and Sinead leaves no stone unturned.  I felt much better after our session, but I felt a real change with listening to my personalised recording over the few weeks. I felt so much lighter and positive in my life, and felt like I had a whole new outlook.  I felt like a weight had been lifted.

"I felt a euphoric feeling, I felt free"

Pauline | Weight

RTT was a fascinating experience. I could actually feel my body releasing blockages during the session, blockages that unknown to myself, I had been holding in my stomach for years. Immediately after the session I felt lighter, a euphoric feeling and I felt free. I would highly recommend this therapy and Sinead to anyone.

"My cycle is now regular, my consultant has stated that he does not believe I have PCOS and the ovarian cysts have gone! "

Natalie | Fertility

I decided to try RTT as we are currently trying to conceive – I had mixed emotions of feeling overwhelmed at the prospects of being a mother although I know I want to have children. I was also recently diagnosed with PCOS and had very irregular periods. After completing RTT, my cycle is now regular, my consultant has stated that he does not believe I have PCOS and the ovarian cysts have gone! I am excited and looking forward to becoming a pregnant and being a mother. I would most definitely recommend Sinead and RTT!

"I’m pregnant!!"

Anna | Fertility

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over 2.5 years. I’ve tried EVERYTHING!! Seed cycling, clomid, IVF, acupuncture, ALL the supplements, fertility massage, removing toxins, gluten and dairy, timed intercourse the whole 2.5 years!! I even wore a crystal in my bra/pants day and night for 3 months because a woman told me it would help!! You name it I’ve tried it! I had 1 session with Sinead and after the next full cycle…I’m pregnant!! Before the session Sinead sent me a recording to listen to and another personalized recording after the session, based on what came up in the session. Sinead was brilliant and talked me through everything, putting my mind at ease. Thanks Sinead, you are my hero xxx

"Sinead changed my life"

Tayla | Insomnia

I cannot emphasize on how incredible Sinead really is. I suffered terribly from insomnia, and if I was lucky, I would get 4 hours of sleep a night. My body was so drained. I was always too tired to do anything. After just 1 week, I already started to notice a difference. I managed to sleep 8 hours a night, which is insane. I had so much energy and felt like a new person. I was able to go to the gym and do the normal things I always loved doing. Sinead changed my life, and I will always be thankful for that.

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