Change how you feel & show up in life, without hours of coaching & therapy!

The Radical Reset is a 12 week program guiding you through a proven 4 step process to get answers and achieve calm, quiet confidence, to express yourself. Along with tools and a community to support the overwhelm in life.

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You are a high performing, influential woman,

super mom, the kids come first

but you are struggling behind the scenes.

You feel you can’t complain.

You feel you should be grateful!

Psst….In today’s world female empowerment can sometimes

come at the expense of female wellbeing!

The challenges you face in life…

#1 Overwhelmed & Stressed

  • Your mind and heart race with so much to do.
  • You don’t sleep well and wake up tired.
  • You feel unwell or in pain more often.
  • You feel irritated and guilty for taking it out on others.
  • You are forgetful and scattered.
  • Wine & Netflix get you through the week!

#2 Unfulfilled & Demotivated

  • You have the Sunday dread of going back to work.
  • You procrastinate about everything!
  • Meeting friends feels like a chore.
  • You waste hours scrolling on your phone.
  • Your relationship suffers as it feels like another thing to do.
  • What’s the point in trying, nothing works!

#3 Not Feeling Good Enough

  • You feel others are better than you.
  • You don’t prioritise yourself and say “no” more.
  • You find it hard to express how you feel.
  • In work, you feel like a fraud.
  • You are afraid of looking stupid or making a mistake.
  • You are anxious meeting new people.

The women creating and influencing the world, are often the same women struggling behind the scenes.

Projecting the glossy highlight reel to the outside world,

they have nowhere to turn for support as everyone thinks

they have their shit together!

Change doesnt feel possible, nothing works, so you….

Your get your heels and make up on and keep up the pretence. People rely on you to get shit done! There is no time for sulking and negativity. You plough on…sure aren’t we all suffering in some way!

You secretly look online for answers. Afraid or ashamed to ask for support. You have done the therapy, listened to the podcasts and read the books. Nothing works! You start to feel you are the problem. Maybe this is “just who I am”. 

You  don’t have time to prioritise yourself, the kids are more important, their needs come first! So, you bury your head in the sand and plough on!

How would it feel to …

Realise this is “not just how I am made” and that change is available to you!

Become more present and self aware.

Wake up calm, centred. Having the resources to come back to yourself when life goes to pot!

Put yourself first and live by your values and saying “NO” more.

Trust yourself and your decisions, leading with intuition. Living inspired and fulfilled every day.

Break the cycle of behaviour (no more being just like your mum or father!) and to see the behaviour of those around you positively change too…including your dog!

To take life less seriously and experience the joy and craic in life! (Irish for fun!)

Emma, a busy mum, beauty business owner, overwhelmed and regularly in bed sick

Angie, a yoga fitness instructor. Overwhelmed and doesn’t feel good or worthy enough

Lucia, a busy mum to 2 young kids. Overwhelmed and procrastinating in life.

Georgina, a busy mum and meditation teacher, lacking in self belief and confidence

Amy, a teacher, unsure of herself and lacking self esteem and not feeling worthy.

Discover the deep hidden truths of your subconscious thoughts.

Like an anchor on a boat holding you back and keeping you stuck!



Integrating my learnings from Marisa Peers RTT Training and applying my passion for lean process models from my corporate days. Processes that work! Both for IT and your mind! I am pioneering this 4 step lean transformational process.

I have created a 3 month program where I will teach you proven powerful process and techniques, along with resources to heal generational and conditioned subconscious patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

I will give you the tools to press DELETE on what’s keeping you stuck! Press RESET and see and experience life through a different lens and TOOLS so you can manage yourself in any situation life throws at you!

I’m Sinéad and I get it, because I have been there, stuck & unfulfilled.

I thought change was not possible.

To everyone else I looked like I had the picture perfect life.

In my 30s I had a great corporate career, work trips to Dubai, Fabulous holidays, beautiful kids and a loving husband to enjoy them with.

I looked like I had it all together.

I felt like I “should” be happy.

But the truth is I wasn’t. I was lonely, unfulfilled with low self esteem. Most days I was overwhelmed with emotion, not present with my kids, making rash decisions, where one bad choice sucked me into a spiral of anxiety and overwhelm, unsure of myself, living life in survival mode, unsure of a way out.


I see life through a different lens and with so much clarity. I took my power back. I did a 360 and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer, a leading award winning UK therapist. RTT is a leading multi award winning therapy, because it gets results! I am now also a trainer with the RTT school, teaching others this transformational therapy.

I am on a mission to educate and change the story for women like you!

This therapy is powerful and proven to successfully heal the body emotionally and physically.  The change you want is available to you. Every answer you seek is inside of you. And I am here to help you find it!

And do you know what….it is not just you that will change, it will have a ripple effect on all those around you. Your kids and relationships will be thankful, because you will be setting them up for a better relationship with themselves.

Susan, a professional Mum, who did not belief in herself and that she was good enough.

Sinead, afraid to speak up and express herself. Always worried about getting it wrong.

Carolyn, a business owner with finacial blocks and not feeling good enough

Polly, business owner and coach, afraid of failure and not feeling confident enough. 

Moya, an Exe PA. Anxious and regularly feeling physically unwell. 

The Radical Reset

A power house for updating hidden outdated subconscious beliefs, that you didn’t even know existed!

A programme that starts with a foundation in subconscious understanding. Giving you your power back to take control,  press reset and become the creator of your most vibrant life.

This is for women who want to take control, own their regrets and mistakes in life and let it be the making of you!


Inside my intimate 3 month program, I guide you though my proven 4 step process  (that works!) you will effortlessly untie the outdated story you have been living by.

You will set strong foundations so you can become the creator of your life.

Get aligned to your values!

Confidently embrace the courage to remove the mask you have been hiding behind!

Shine a light on the amazing, real you!

You are resilient. You have done hard stuff before, So I know you can do it again!


Each week, you’ll receive a new module with detailed theory and step-by-step practice to help you fully integrate everything you’re learning.


Each lesson has homework worksheets to help you with your journey, with key questions and exercises to help you go deeper into the content.


Modules are supported with specialised audios to guide you to clarity and understanding and ignite change in you.


Deepen your insight and healing with 12 weekly hands on calls where I will teach, guide and support.

Valued @€600

You’ll have lifetime access to all course content (including new content) and audios, so you can revisit whenever you want!



“I’m not overwhelmed, it feels amazing. I feel like a super power. I feel calmer. I’m cooking without the overwhelm. I stopped biting my nail. I now speak fluidly in work and with strangers as I’m’ sure of myself “


“Upbeat, Energised, Positive & Excited, Motivated, content and high energy. I don’t feel a fool anymore. I can let them feelings fall away at any time. I feel present. One week left! Every week I feel new things and positive change.”


MODULE 1: Mind Mastery

Unveiling the Mysteries and Principles of the Mind for Conscious Awareness.

Getting to know your looping thought patterns.

Memory Impact Analysis – Exploring the Influence of Past Experiences on Your Life.


MODULE 2: Joining the Dots

Getting to know your parts to become self led.

Exploring your Inner Child: Unveiling the Authentic Self

⇒  Interrupting subconscious looping thought patterns 

Inner clarity activation, activating new belief processes.

MODULE 3: Confronting your Inner Critic

Foster self-awareness, challenge negativity, and cultivate self-compassion to turn self-criticism into personal growth.

The wheel of experience – creating awareness and integration of various aspects of human experience.

⇒  Encounter your authentic essence and rediscover Innocence – Envisioning Your Future Self.


MODULE 4: Reparenting your Inner Child

Encounter your authentic essence and rediscover Innocence – envisioning your future self

Exploring our emotions and releasing attachments.

Boundaries – Empowering you with the word “No”.


MODULE 5: Nervous System Mastery

Exploring the Nervous System – what you need to know.

Holistic Nervous System Wellness Guide

Somatic Wellness Practices: Nurturing Mind-Body Harmony.

Self Compassion and embracing our feminine energy


MODULE 6: Live with Purpose: Aligning Values & Vision

.Your Values & Your Purpose – Exploring Ikigai 

Expand beyond your comfort Zone.

Embracing Playfulness

Celebrating the Self – Talents – Strengths – Wins



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WhatsApp Support

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Cellular Healing Audios

(€200 value)

Explore the power of Healing Vortex and Command Cell Therapy. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating frequencies and harness the power of cellular healing.


(€250 value)

Enjoy masterclasses  -nutrition, meditation, Pilates, breathwork, and more. Expand skills, insights for an enhanced, comprehensive learning experience.

Exclusive 1:1 Discounts 

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Elevate and advance your healing journey with 35% off personalized 1:1 RTT therapy sessions. Only available to Radical Reset Members. 

So you are at that fork in the road. What do you do?

Carry on the same path, with your head stuck in the sand


Change path and be the instigator of the change you desire

Before you decide on the path to take you might be thinking…..

What if it doesn’t work for me? Nothing else has?

Are you like Moya who said before her journey with me, “I have read the books, listened to the podcasts, done talk therapy and I am still anxious”

I get it! Because I once felt the same. I like Moya was desperate and losing hope.

So why is working with me different?

It IS DIFFERENT because I follow a 4 step sequential process thats is rooted in subconsious understanding.

And because it’s a process (no step missed!)

AND its subconscious, it works!

Spoiler Alert….!! This is not a Coaching program!

The understanding you will get will get you REAL lasting results!

Ask yourself, what’s it costing you to stay where you are?

Your physical health? 

Your career?

Your relationship?

Your mental health?


What is the alternative to where you are now?

Does that alternative work for you?

If you are stuck thinking you are the problem (because nothing has worked!) Psst….it’s not you! It’s just how you were wired!
And you have the power to change that!

It’s time to RESET. Stop wasting years of your life worrying and holding yourself back and not allowing yourself to be happy.

You have one life to live!

Let me show you how to live it being the REAL You.

Are you ready to Reset

Click here to join!