Unleash Your Potential

I once believed …

  • I was a slow learner
  • I was not good enough
  • Others were better than me
  • I had to prove my worth

So how did I find the courage to swap a well-paid, high status job to run my own business?

I grew up in suburban Ireland with a family of academic brothers and sisters, a father who was a headmaster and a mother who was a teacher. Instant pressure! To make matters worse, I was tagged a ‘slow learner’. To me that meant last place. I stood out in my family as the different one, deemed too sensitive. I remember often feeling alone and powerless.

For years I played it safe, I worked hard to fit in, to meet other people’s expectations. I stayed small because I did not believe I could ever be extraordinary.

But something inside of me knew there was more to me. And so for over 20 years I fought to prove my worth. I climbed the corporate ladder with one of the most recognised brands in the world, a place I felt proud to work because it proved my ability and made me feel valued. It is why my corporate job at Microsoft meant so much to me, they believed in me when I did not.

Everything looked picture perfect but was it?

For everyone else, it probably did look like I had the perfect life – I had a great job, a great lifestyle with holidays and fantastic opportunities. But I was deeply lost, stuck and feeling unfulfilled.

In 2017, a series of life-changing events forced me to pay attention. I can see how important that experience was. It set me on a path of self-reflection, a place where I had to dig deep and find myself again.

Don’t be like me and wait 20 years!

If you want to….

Step into the power of I CAN!


Trust in YOU!


Find your voice


Express it without fear of judgement!


Live life with courage


Believe in You!

The turning point …

A chance encounter led me to Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT™️) That moment became a turning point in my life. Unlike everything else I tried including counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, RTT™️ was ground breaking. RTT™️ changed my life.

That sounds dramatic but the truth is, it was. I began to understand and discover who I was. The more I understood, the more I could no longer ignore the voice in my soul that kept telling me that my purpose in life is to help women just like me, flourish without fear.

Just three years later and with my two feet firmly on the ground and a deep belief in myself, I walked away from the security and status of my highly sought after job at Microsoft to set up my own RTT™️ business! My true self didn’t need a high-profile job to matter in the world.

Flourishing without fear …

Leaving my corporate job after 13 years, was a huge moment in my life. So many people remarked on how brave I was. Perhaps this is a big risk?! Yet, at the time I didn’t relate to that feeling at all. All I felt was liberated and empowered. On reflection many weeks later I started to understand why people referred to the feeling of brave.

I was doing what most people would dream of doing, I was taking a risk and following my passion without doubt and I was leaving a company that believed in me. But that’s it! Because of RTT™️ I was able to find the courage to step into my true self, to find my voice and bring myself to a place where I was no longer trying, I was flourishing naturally because I believed in myself.

I believed …

I no longer needed a reputable company to believe in me and to make me feel worthy to succeed. I had found a place of passion in helping women just like me, flourish without fear, using Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT™️). This is a place that feels right, comfortable in my own skin being me. That’s the Happy Me.

What do I mean by The Happy Me? Well, is my life a daily dream, with no problems where everything works out and my house is always clean? No! But when I step into that space with my clients I feel nothing more than pure joy and happiness, a destination where I know that I am empowering women find their true self.

Step into Your Power of 'I CAN'

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