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Do you worry about what other people think?
Are you afraid of making a mistake?
Do you feeling not good enough?
Are you procrastinating?

The Happy Me

YOU are Unique

The Happy Me


The Happy Me

YOU are Worthy

Do You feel……


Not good enough


Not worthy





I work with women that feel not good enough, overwhelmed and fear getting it wrong. Doubting themselves daily.

Always worrying about what other people think. It stops them doing and makes them feel stuck. They procrastinate about everything.

I guide clients to understand where these thoughts and behaviours originated and delete them and install new upgraded thoughts. A place of freedom and happiness.

The results are powerful and life changing. A stronger, more courageous and self-assured YOU.

Are you ready to step into your power of ‘I CAN’?

Empowering YOU to believe YOU CAN

Hi I’m Sinéad,

I work with women to empower them with the self-belief to achieve their true potential. To step into their power of “I CAN”.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT™️).

Together we smash the inner critic in you, fears of doubt and find the voice and belief in you, that you were born with. Allowing you to discover your “Happy Me”.

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"I feel like a super power"


I feel like a super power. I feel calmer. I’m not overwhelmed, it feels amazing. I’m cooking without the overwhelm. I stopped biting my nail. I now speak fluidly in work and with strangers as I’m’ sure of myself.

"I smashed it…..my body feels like a feather"


Thank you so much for yesterday, I really can’t believe the change I feel already! I’m sitting in my car now after going to my 6am gym class that I smashed! I haven’t been in weeks! I jumped out of bed, my body felt and feels like a feather. Yesterday evening I got through homework time in a very calm and cool manner, even handled a situation between my two girls without losing my temper! And there is no pain!! No pain in my stomach!  I’m elated Sinead! Thank you so much!

"Within 3 weeks I have found my passion"


My sole intention from my session with Sinead was too unleash my true potential and remove blocks I had created over the years from childhood misconceptions. Within three weeks, I have found my passion, I went full time on my own business , and I have a finish date for my current employment. I feel truly blessed to have met Sinead, she is a wonderful therapist and I really can’t thank her enough for being the catalyst to my personal growth.

"I am happier now that I can express what I want to say"


I am Happier now that I can express what I want to say. I was the person who was always doubting herself and couldn’t express myself to others how I felt, fear of the reaction I would receive from others. I uncovered the root cause. I am Happier now that I can express what I want to say. I found my voice and I now feel motivated with the decisions I make for myself. The recording is powerful.

"Upbeat, Energised, Positive, Excited"


I feel  upbeat,  energised,  positive,  excited,  motivated,  content,  happy,  high energy.    I don’t feel a fool  anymore..  I can let them feelings fall away at any time. I feel in the last few days   present  and can remind myself to be present. One week left. Every week I feel new things and positive change.

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Step into Your Power of ‘I CAN’

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