What does success mean to you?

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Success

I want you to think for a moment about this question….What does success mean to you? For many it might mean passing exams and getting a stable job or maybe it is reaching the pillar of your career, a title, perhaps money, driving a Tesla! (my son is obsessed!) But does this make you happy?  

For me I was never really sure what success was. All I knew of success was being told that if you worked hard in school you would go to college and secure a good job. I also didn’t see success around me, all I saw was stress and unhappiness. In my 30s I had the money, I had the job, I had the level in work I aspired to but I didn’t feel success.  

Surely if you have success you should be happy?

I was so far away from where I once felt happy. When I think back I was actually happier when I had less money and I was travelling the world and free. 

I was left confused and not sure where to go or what to do.  All I really wanted was to feel the contentment in work I felt 10 years previous. Despite, money, a great job and great opportunities, I felt lethargic, demotivated and unhappy. 

At the same time curve balls in my personal life were thrown into the mix leaving me flummoxed and finding it hard to get out of bed. Now I started to question what life was all about. Why was I here?  

I was forced into a place where I had to reflect and I had to dig deep. 

This didn’t come naturally. It didn’t come overnight, but overtime and through understanding of why I felt the way I did, I started to change and life around me started to change too. 

From the once shy girl that tried desperately to fit in and to be accepted, I started to challenge the world I had been living in for 40 years.  I was about to change.

These moments in my life were the awakening I desperately needed. It forced me to review, observe and take leaps of faith and follow my intuition. Intuition led me to RTT. I was so afraid of this leap but something was telling me I had to follow my gut and do the course with Marisa Peer.

In finding RTT, I went on a journey, unravelling the past, a place of healing. A place where I am now content and embrace my differences, an acknowledgement of my talents and an appreciation of who I am and who I was meant to be. 

As I embraced the chaos of my life, to find a way out, I found my purpose.  

This is a place where I love what I do, a place of happiness and joy, even on the crazy days with 2 young kids and a dog! I now realise success is actually love, it is passion and a place where I flourished.  Through my own healing journey, I have realised my potential, I have broken down walls, felt the fear and did it anyway. I stepped out of the world of I CAN’T and into a world of I CAN.  

I don’t believe in luck, I was never lucky, but I was determined, I carved my path both good and bad. In some ways you could say, I made my bed and had to lie in it. But lying in it is what brought me wisdom and it brought change.

So what I wish for everyone….

I want you to look at the bad days with optimism. Perhaps it’s a time to reflect, to question, a place to realise your potential and why you are here. And a time to dig deep and use your intuition to find your way through a challenge life has flung at you. 

Don’t ever give up!

Life is a choice, a choice to embrace, surrender, accept and forgive. Wisdom is often found in unexpected places.  This is a place where answers lie. A place of clarity, a place of understanding, a place that will guide you to where the sun is shining and your potential success is waiting.